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MARVELOUS LADY: An Island Journal

David P. Stephens

Cape Breton Island

Welcome aboard the Marvelous Lady. Sit back and relax. You are about to embark on a unique salt water adventure - a nautical story which I hope can serve as a metaphor for the ups and downs encountered as we chart our course through the wonderous and unpredictable sea of life.

The story is unpretentious - the central character being a humble wooden boat, the setting, Cape Breton Island. Often referred to as "Nova Scotia's Masterpiece", the true Cape Breton Island is a rather unassuming "rock in a stream". To those who know and love her she is referred to simply as "home".


Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton Island or Isle Royale is set in the Gulf Stream, reaching out towards the North Atlantic. The large water mass in the centre of the island is known as the Bras d'Or Lakes, Canada's Inland Sea.

The communities highlighted with red dots are central to the story:

Sydney is the industrial centre of the island and the city of my birth. I presently live here with my life partner Cathy and our cat Chicklet.

Isle Madame, located at lower left of the map, is an Acadian community with a strong seafaring heritage. It is in the village of Petit de Grat, Isle Madame, where the Marvelous Lady was built more than twenty-five years ago, and it was here she spent most of her working life.

Dundee Marina is the Marvelous Lady's current home port, a warm and friendly, rather casual boating centre located in the southernmost corner of the Bras d'Or.

The red dot located to the right of Louisbourg refers to the picturesque and rugged fishing hamlet of Little Lorraine, and it is here, at Vince Kennedy's beach where our story unfolds.